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Network Support

Netwerks Pty Limited 

is a Sydney-based network integration company and is a member of The Werks Group. Netwerks services the greater Sydney Metropolitan Area, and the Central and Mid North Coast of New South Wales. 

Netwerks provides computer and network hardware including servers and workstations, together with the networking skills required to have your business network operating at peak efficiency at all times. Data and telephone cabling can be provided. Support and maintenance plans are also available. 

Netwerks prefers to integrate TWG internet services into the computer networks it manages. Then if either a network or internet problem occurs, Netwerks' clients find it really beneficial to have to contact only the one service provider, instead of two or three. And there are significant discounts available for Netwerks' services when TWG internet services are used.

If you would like to know more about how Netwerks can help you get your computer network under control, please ring TWG on 1300 720 207 and ask for either Peter or Richard.



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